Writing skills and social interaction: Jesse Sannicandro

Writing skills and social interaction: Jesse Sannicandro

Social media usage and interaction are getting common in this new age of technology. People usually communicate with each other by writing messages, posting different material and with the emails too. It is considered that to improve your social circle on social media it is important to have a good grip over the language. A person who can deliver the thoughts and emotions in a good manner way can create influence over the followers.

Multiple hurdles can cause poor communication and interaction even with the close circle. It includes the lack of confidence, inadequate word selection and some external or internal factors that affect the interaction. But if you are a concern to improve it with the writing then all you need is to improve your writing and expression.

Here are some tips that will help to improve the writing expression to build good social interaction.


  • Work on the basics


If you want to become a social influencer through social media or become a blogger, then you have to work on your basics first. That basic includes language improvement, personality as well as expression. Your writing is an impact of your personality that shows to the audience and influence them. It is essential to make yourself optimistic and improve the writing expression with good word choice.   


  • Improve the empathy


For the impressive social interaction, it is important to improve the empathy and ability to understate. It can be towards the social issues, culture issue or towards the individual. You can be more interactive in your social circle by adding empathy in your writing and communication. It can be through the feeling of other’s problems and issues.        


  • Work on interpersonal skills


Interpersonal skills are essential for good social interaction. People who are shy and unable to share their thoughts and feelings considered weak in social interaction. So, if you want to be good at sharing with people around you then be open in sharing the thoughts and feelings. Try to respond and participate in the discussions and be open to sharing your personal opinion without thinking what others think or say about it.    


  • Respond in a problem-solving way


A personality who is positive, optimistic and professional in sharing and delivery always has an impact on the society. Contribute your part as a problem-solving personality with your thoughts and content. Never be a part of creating an issue, just be the one that always provides a solution with good content.   


  • Acceptance towards the accountability


People usually do not think and accept criticism and respond badly to criticism. It will not good for social interaction. If you want to be good and improve the interactions, then be a person who is open to accept the criticism of the content. Address the issue well and respect the other’s opinion about an issue. Because everyone may have the same ideology about the same topic.            















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