Why is learning French expressions useful for learning French ?

Why is learning French expressions useful for learning French ?

The french language is undoubtedly one the most beautiful languages in the world especially being claimed to be a language of love. It’s rich in every aspect in the sense that it’s used to bring out life in the work of art, and apparently some of its words have been taken to be used in our normal english, for example cuisine, parliament, chef,cinema, etc.

Technology has evolved these days with apps created to help one directly translate foriegn language to english without the need of a human translator making life easy and relaxed thus making people have no need to make an effort to learn another language. Even though these apps are great there still need more modifications as most do direct translation missing on catch phrases and the fun of expressions intended for.

While learning one language is enough, especially english, as it traverses all over the world, knowing another language is a plus as it not only boosts your c.v, one also gets to exercise their mind keeping it sharp eveninold age. Learning french is very convenient for one as it’s also a well used language around the globe but also makes it easier for one to learn, spanish, portuguese and even Italian.

Even though we do have words we use in english that are originally from french there is still a gap in both languages when it comes to nouns, verbs, articles, male and female, etc. And yes we often tend to use phrases while speaking to drive a point home or enlighten the mood. So does french have its own common phrases.

French Expressions Help in Conversation

Phrases are so common in every language. In french you will learn and hear some phrases often in conversations. Though french language may seem difficult, learning a few phrases may help a lot when it comes to talking and making conversation. The goal is to help you feel more comfortable and confident rather than being a perfectionist. Simple phrases will help you remember what to say rather than how to say it.

French expressions Are Essential for Learning French Culture

As you learn the language, the phrases make it easier to understand the culture and the people more, appreciating its diversity. You might even find yourself communicating easily with the natives even though you are still learning and being part of conversation making new friends.You will see that phrases will get your mind off saying the sentences correctly but flow with the rhythm as french is more about rhythm.


The more phrases you learn and speak, the more fluent you become as far as communicating in french is concerned. It is through this that you will find french easy; you will enoy your classes and even encouraging those around your class to participate in various conversations. These phrases make textbooks less tiresome and films more enjoyable as you can actually follow and relate to was being spoken not missing out in the action.Being attentive and alert in class that you find yourself rather having a good time and enjoying learning french. Moreover, french-iceberg can offer you the best experience as far as learning French is concerned.

Clare Louise