What Are The Benefits Of Living On-Campus?

What Are The Benefits Of Living On-Campus?

Are you looking for housing options for post-secondary education? Fortunately, there are many options to choose from. You may either choose to live on-campus or off-campus residence. Most of the student wants to live independent and so they choose off-campus residence. Although it seems much convenient and economical alternate in initial days, around 60% of students who live off-campus fails to graduate. Thus, consider choosing to live in York University Housing. Over 90% of students who decide to live on-campus enjoy a tight-knit academic community and, they are more likely to graduate than those who live elsewhere. Let’s describe the top 5 benefits to living on campus:

  1. It Helps You To Study

The biggest reason to stay on campus is that the on-campus students have shown an enhanced academic success. Being so close to designated study areas and lecture halls, the study seems so easy. Moreover, group-studies are proven quite helpful in your exam days.

  1. It’s Convenient

You don’t need to get worried about taking the bus to the campus and getting late. Because reaching to your early-morning lectures is so easy when you line on-campus. You don’t have to worry when you forget your assignment in your bedroom! Just walk to your five minutes away room on-campus and take the assignment. But, there is more. The best dental clinic, laundry room, and barbershop are available there. You just need to focus on study.

  1. It Saves You Money

You can boast that you save money by residing in your room right on the campus while all your mates have been worried about the costs. It may seem shocking at first when you break down your costs, it will clear them how comfortable campus living is. You don’t need to pay extra for additional amenities like Gym, Kitchen, and Dine outs, Internet, Cable, Heat, and Hydro by living on-campus residence; because all such amenities are included in your accommodation fee.

  1. It’s Safe And Secure

The advantage you gain from living on campus is greater security and safety. You have a comprehensive emergency plan and, access on campus’ safety measures to ensure that you can enjoy your campus experience without thinking about your safety.

  1. It’s Fun!

 Access to social clubs and events is certainly not to be overlooked as a benefit to living on campuses. Besides, you can join extracurricular clubs and activities on campus. You can make lifelong friends by living on-campus.

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