Three Key Strategies For Writing An Admission Essay For An MBA

Three Key Strategies For Writing An Admission Essay For An MBA

Put yourself in the shoes of the person who is going to read your admission essay. For them, it is another day of work: boring, monotonous, without surprises. They are reading what you write by obligation, not pleasure. Not for interest.

The reader of your essay reads 30 essays in one hour, and 29 is forgotten. What can you do not to go unnoticed? What tricks can I teach you so that your essay captures the reader’s attention, and is it exciting to learn from your life?

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Start With A Dramatic Event

The first five sentences of your essay (and in many ways, the first two), set the tone for the rest of the experience. If you say nothing in that section, you will lose them forever. Sure, they will read the rest of your essay by obligation, but we can all read something without paying attention. Your mind will be somewhere else.

You have to start destroying the monotonous of your day, announcing that yours is different and worthy of your attention.

When you start your essay with a dramatic event, you promise your reader a gift: something different, exciting, unpredictable, and worthy of your attention. What if you keep that promise? Your reader will be satisfied with the experience.

Research The University Well, And Show That You Know Her A Few

The essays that stand out mention professors and research initiatives specific to the faculty to which they apply. There is nothing that universities love more than those applicants who demonstrate knowing them as few take the time to do so. You have to be one of them.

Research a professor in each university to which you want to apply, and find one of his publications (it is very easy to do so, and it is always possible). Explain in your essay that you admire it, that you have known it for several years, and that you have read one of their research papers. Make sure the topic interests you, and remember that your essay is not to summarize academic matters or show how much you know about any subject.

This section is extremely valuable, but should not occupy more than one paragraph of your final essay.

Introduce Yourself As A Person With Clear And Well-Defined Goals

What all the universities to which you are going to apply look for will want to know, above all, is that you are very sure about what you want with your MBA.

They have to clearly perceive, through what you write, that you have very clear your goals, that they have something to do with contributing something positive to the world, that you have a plan on going to achieve them, and that you understand the way in which your educational offer is the only tool you need to ensure the life story you want.

Kimberly Bernard