The role of Early Childhood Development in a child’s life

The role of Early Childhood Development in a child’s life

Everybody knows that the education of a kid starts from kindergarten only. But before kindergarten, your child must be having early childhood education. This special education is a bit different from kindergarten education. In this education, the child knows how to decide later life. Early childhood education helps the child to have a good and strong foundation that would be beneficial for the child in the future.

The importance of early childhood education is different for the child as per the country norms. Certain countries have given utmost importance to early childhood education whereas certain countries do not find it important. Do you know, certain countries have made it necessary for the overall growth of the future?

A child should not only be given education but he should be knowing the self-progress and self-worth. Of course, it is not that easy to face and tackle the situations in the real world and here, the role will be played by early childhood education. A child would be prepared for not only social importance but he will also be prepared for emotional care and in this way, the child will become ready to face the world.

Although, some parents think that early childhood education should be a part of traditional education. But it is a bitter truth and early childhood education is not provided along with traditional education.

Why Early Childhood Education is important?

  • Early Childhood Development (การพัฒนาเด็กปฐมวัย, Which is the term in Thai) and education ensures the overall development and growth of the children. After the development of senses, how they can communicate with their surroundings.
  • Every parent wants the good growth of their children. Several factors truly affect the growth of their children. Among those factors, communication is an important factor. In this special program, the children are trained to communicate with the surrounding people.
  • In addition to it, the students are given student report cards (สมุดรายงานประจำตัว, term in Thai). In these report cards, they are not judged as per the traditional education but they are judged on their learning in early childhood education.
  • This program also creates awareness for a child’s motor abilities. Their intelligence will be enhanced with the knowledge of motor abilities.

In simple words, the early childhood education prepares the child to face the future world. It helps in making the children more sensible and the child would be already knowing about the happenings that will happen later on.

Kimberly Bernard