The Essays and the Solutions for You Now

The Essays and the Solutions for You Now

The success of content marketing depends essentially on the content, i.e. the content. Learn how to create successful content – and how to write good text. The basics for this we present to you in our blog classics on “writing text”. With the search write my essay free online you can actually come up with the finest options now.

Why a text needs the kitchen call

Before you write the text, you should be able to formulate the kitchen call clearly. The kitchen call is, so to speak, the key message of a text; summarized in one or two sentences. If you do not succeed, we recommend checking the content of the text again. Delete extraneous information. Is the content still too complex? Then write two texts. Especially for online texts, it usually makes more sense to write several shorter texts. Your readers will thank you with more attention. And as a small bonus, a clearly focused text is automatically more search engine friendly.

How to find the right occasion for your topic

Good content is usually written by itself – if you have a strong cause. Such an event can be seasonal, for example – Mother’s Day or compulsory tire change. In most cases, you can define an appropriate occasion for your text content at an early stage. So you can write your text in peace. We have put together many tips and examples for suitable occasions. Let yourself be inspired.

8 criteria for a good print consumer text

Do not limit content marketing to just online PR. Also think about the print media as a communication channel to consumers – and benefit from the advantages of print texts: area-wide distribution. With your consumer topics in magazines and advertising leaflets, you also reach those readers who have never heard of you and your product solution. We have 8 tips for you so that you can write a good text that is guaranteed to be printed.

8 tips for the optimal headline

The reader first looks at the headline and image for your content article. Using these two elements, the reader decides whether or not to take the time to finish reading your text. Therefore, formulate the title carefully. Read tips on how to write a suitable title for your text.

The tips for the best picture caption

After the headline and the picture, the reader likes to look at the caption for print articles. He or she wants to know what the picture is about – and what benefits the article offers. The caption is your chance to finally convince the reader that you have something important to say. Therefore, the top rule for a caption is short and useful! We’ll give you some practical tips to make your caption fit for purpose.

To avoid text-image scissors

Without images, you will not get on with content marketing – whether in print media or online marketing. People love pictures, photos, videos. Therefore, you should provide meaningful and meaningful images of your content. Be careful not to write any text that contradicts the picture, or possibly in an ambiguous relationship. How to successfully bypass the phenomenon of text-to-image scissors is explained in this video post.

Strengthen the web presence with Listicles

A popular text format is currently the Listicle. This is a mix of article and list. In addition, the Listicle, or the Tippliste, is easy for the reader to consume as well as easy for the author to write. The next time you write a text, just try the Listicle format. Useful tips have been compiled for you in this blog post.


The top priority in content marketing is to give the reader valuable value. Always remember when writing a text. Then your content will be successful.