Tanner Chidester Is Teaching You How To Make Infinite Income!

Tanner Chidester Is Teaching You How To Make Infinite Income!

Tanner Chidester is the founder of Elite CEOs, a company that has helped countless people scale their online businesses into the millions of dollars. Due to the high demand for his services / coaching, Tanner recently published a book of his secrets entitled “Infinite Income” that will help people get just that instead of waiting in line for his one-on-one services.

We spoke exclusively with Tanner about writing the Amazon best-selling book, lessons he wants people to know and if a second book will be coming soon!

  1. Why did you decide to write the book you did?

Part of it was just a bucket list life goal for me where I felt it was something I wanted to do. The other part was simply the fact that I went through so much trial, error, and bad coaching that I want people to avoid some of the things I went through. Part of success is getting some early traction and wins, the average person can only take so much disappointment before they quit.

  1. What has the feedback been since it came out?

Overwhelmingly positive as far as I can tell. I tried to make the book as actionable as possible while also telling my story along the way so that it would inspire people and give them actionable things to do at the same time. I read so many books today that are complete fluff and sound nice but give no actionable steps along with the advice. I wanted to make sure that’s not what happened in my book.

  1. What is the main lesson in the book?

I guess the two main lessons are 1. never give up 2. make sure you take the fight to the prospect and not wait for the prospect to come to you. Many individuals today think that people will just magically come to them when they are ready if they have a great funnel or product, that’s just not true. Most people you have to really go after with messaging, calls, texts, emails etc. to stand out from the crowd. 

  1. What books are you currently reading or would recommend to others?

I read so many books that sometimes it’s hard to remember the titles lol. I loved the book “triggers.” It has team building aspects in it as well as personal ones. I also always have recommended high performance habits by Brenden Burchard. He talks about how to be happy while also doing your best to be your best. I think a lot of us in business feel like if we aren’t working we aren’t doing our best so it’s nice to be reminded of that. 

  1. Will you be writing future books?

Absolutely. I think future books will be more about life and my mindset versus business but it’s fun to get your thoughts on paper. It makes you feel like you’re actually leaving something behind.

  1. What is one tip you can give other aspiring authors who want to put their thoughts to paper?

Just start. Anything you do in life you always start as a novice until you just try and start doing it. As you do it you get better and better and become an “expert” along the way. I just took one step at a time and before you knew it my book was done. It’s about being intentional with your actions each day versus succumbing to the overwhelm of everything that lays before you. When you break a goal down into small pieces it’s easy to keep going.

Clare Louise