Studying Tourism in Singapore Has Its Own Perk

Studying Tourism in Singapore Has Its Own Perk

With modernization and advancement of the transport system, the tourism and hospitality industry is one of the largest and fastest-growing industries in the world.900 million people travel internationally and billions more who travel within their native country. Singapore, which attracts tourists from every part of the world, is a great place to study tourism. According to the “Un World Tourism Organization Tourism 2020 vision,” 1.6 billion visitors are expected in 2020. These visitors from across the globe need service, infrastructure, accommodation, entertainment, and guide to make their tour memorable and pleasurable. This buzzing and growing industry provide fabulous employment prospect.

Getting complex and competitive

As the tourism industry is growing, it is getting more complex and competitive. Well trained professionals are in demand for those who can understand, develop, and market this industry. Schools of tourism in Singapore enrich you with professional skills to manage and coordinate different aspects of the tourism and hospitality industry. When you Study Tourism in Singapore tourism school, you get the knowledge and basic understandings and principals of this industry. After completion of the course, you have the academic and practical knowledge to succeed in this industry. These courses are not only acclaimed in Singapore but also in other countries giving you a wider opportunity to be a part of this exciting, thrilling, and growing industry.

Bachelor of business

Bachelor of Business (majoring in tourism and hospitality) gives you the basic skills to meet the demands of the industry. This course develops your communication and engagement skills, implementing a commercial mindset, building your own network, understanding project management, horning and mastering out of the box thinking and problem-solving. Hospitality and tourism are always together and comprehensive. The amalgamation of studying tourist psychology with destination management gives you a bird’s eye view of the industry and basic skills. This course includes core subjects that are further specialized in tourism and leisure management, crowd behavior, conference and event management, destination planning and management, club and gaming management and hospitality.


To enroll in this course, you must complete 12 years of schooling or equivalent. You have to complete and pass the university foundation program successfully. You must be proficient in English. Students of mother tongue other than English must pass the IELTS6/TOEFL (internet-based)/ Pearson PTE academic or English Language Preparatory Program of the concerned university. You must attend 90% of the scheduled class per month. Being absent for seven days or more or attendance falling below 90% without valid reasons may lead to cancellation from the course. After graduation, you have a lot of opportunities in tourism and other sectors like hotels, restaurants, casinos, and clubs to have a fulfilling life and career.

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