Perfect Options for the proper Fashion Designing

Perfect Options for the proper Fashion Designing

Creative, knowledgeable about trends and with strong technical skills, the fashion designer has a key role in the textile industry. In a ready-to-wear company or a fashion house, his creations bear his mark and attest to his talent. In fashion designing this is the best thing.

Do you want to evolve in the world of fashion and take on the role of designer-stylist? Our training prepares you for each of the essential notions for your future profession.

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The Missions Of A Fashion Designer

The tasks of the designer-fashion designer are many and varied. On a daily basis, this fashion expert is in charge of:

  • Graphically translate ideas, on paper (sketches, fashion figures) or using software
  • Conduct formal research and develop models
  • Pass the collection items to his supervisor
  • Create models and make readjustments and modifications, if necessary
  • Design detailed sheets for manufacturers (colors, fabrics, measurements)

Depending on the structure in which he operates, the stylist may also be assigned other assignments. In a craft company, he will be able to carry out commercial tasks (customer reception, sales) in addition to making clothes.

After training in fashion design, it is also possible to work in an office style or trends. Knowledge in branding and marketing is a real asset for anyone wishing to work in the textile industry.

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Work In The Fashion Sector: Skills, Salary And Evolutions

The fashion and luxury industry is one of the most lucrative in France. Representing more than 150 billion euros in sales in 2016 (including 35.7 billion in exports), this sector employs more than 600,000 people.

Highly competitive and demanding environment, it imposes on its actors a great motivation and a real passion for their job. The stylist, present at each stage of the design of a collection, must be able to anticipate market trends and demands. He or she must also demonstrate conviction and be comfortable in the team, to the point of delegating some of his tasks.

Good physical condition and resistance to stress are also essential. Indeed, the approach of the presentation of a collection, the hours of work are not counted.

Early in the career, the junior stylist can expect to earn between 1500 and 2000 euros per month, depending on the company and the sector chosen. He or she can also work on his own and open his own business.

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