NCLEX Exam Guide: 5 Tips to Pass the NCLEX Exam First Time

NCLEX Exam Guide: 5 Tips to Pass the NCLEX Exam First Time

If you are one of those planning to sit for the next NCLEX exam and wish to qualify at your very first approach, this post is absolutely for you. Yes, here are five quick tips to get started with your NCLEX prep courses. Let’s check them out!

1. Understand the Exam Format

The best way to do well in a particular exam is to understand the exam format clearly. If you are well aware of the format, 50% of your job is done. The NCLEX exam format is the same as the CAT exam format.

You have to take computerized adaptive testing where no exam is identical. The computerized system produces new questions based on the past performance of the test taker during the exam.

The comprehensive question bank is comprised of different types of questions of 75 to 265. You have to understand the question type and how to answer them within the given time.

2.Know Your Style

Everyone is different, and so is their style. You must have grown your style of studying by this time which is different from your friends. It is important to know what style suits you best, and you are supposed to follow that accordingly.

If you like visual representation during your study, you should draw tables, chambers, medication classes of color-coding, etc. to understand the text more intensely. If you like auditory learning, you can listen to YouTube lectures or recorded lectures of the NCLEX exam. Make sure you understand each point while learning.

3. Make Your Study Plan

After understanding the exam format and knowing your style, it is now time to make your study plan. Everyone has his or her timetable to follow every day.

It will help if you make a balance of your study time and personal time. An example is given below for your convenience:

Making Goals: Set a daily goal at first. After completing it for about 1 or 2 weeks, set goal for a week. Likewise, set goals for 15 days but not more than that. Try to follow a routine to reach your goal within time.

Planning Days: You should make a schedule for your active days of the week you are going to study, and the days you are going to take off. The rest should be kept for practice test days.

4. Stress management

Stress management is very important for nervous students. If you are kind of a nervous person, don’t worry. There are many ways to manage stress. Test anxiety is common all over the world. We have found some effect remedies stated below for managing text anxiety-

  • Make a study plan, be confident and prepare accordingly
  • Give enough time to take at least three practice tests
  • On the day of the final exam, take enough sleep and keep your brain relaxed

5. Test Taking Skills

Test-taking skill is very important to do well in the NCLEX exam. Double-check your questions before answering so that you don’t miss any hidden meaning. Allow some time for final revision, and it will help you check if you have answered everything accordingly.

Use deductive reasoning even if you are unaware of a certain concept. Be systematic while answering the questions. Avoid questions you aren’t sure about the answers, and that’s it.

Kate Lee