Improve your kid’s communication skills with these tips

Improve your kid’s communication skills with these tips

The ability to communicate effectively is an essential life skill that every child needs to be confident with. This is why developing your child’s communication skills are so important. Skills like communication need to be started well before school so as a parent you need to roll up your sleeves in order to help your kids.

If you’re not sure where to start, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, you’ll find our top tips on how to improve your kid’s communication skills.

1. Show them cartoons

Yes, you read that correctly. Showing your children free kids cartoons can actually help them improve their communication skills. For starters, they will see different characters expressing themselves to resolve problems and share their emotions. Seeing their favorite characters do this will show them the right ways and wrong ways to express themselves.

Secondly, because cartoons are fun and engaging, your kids are more likely to pay attention and take in the valuable lessons being shared.

2. Use language games

Games work in a similar way to cartoons. They use fun to teach your children important lessons. The trick is finding suitable games for your children. Start by looking for games that are age-appropriate, otherwise, they may not get as much out of the game as you would like. Next, it’s time to have some fun! Play these games with your kids in order to help them grow their language skills.

3. Foster their love of reading

Reading is a great way to develop a child’s communication skills as it exposes them to new words and ways of using language. With a wider vocabulary, your children will have more tools available to them when trying to communicate with others.

Books also help kids to learn about different topics and excite their imagination.

4. Limit baby talk

Baby talk whilst cute doesn’t help your child to communicate. In fact, talking to your children like an adult will encourage them to do the same. Instead of saying, for example, that they have a “booboo”, they will explain that they have cut their knee or that their stomach is hurting.

Whilst kids might not understand everything straight away, they pick up things faster than you think. If they don’t understand things, encourage their curiosity with questions. Try your best to get them to articulate why they don’t like things or why they enjoyed something.

5. Reward good behaviour

When your children showcase their good communication skills, reward them! You don’t need to go all out with a certificate or trophy, but verbal praise or a small treat can help to reinforce good behaviour.

6. Lead by example

Try as we might, we all have bad habits – including when it comes to our communication. Be conscious of these habits – whether it’s incorrect phrasing, excessive use of slang, or expressing feelings in a way that isn’t constructive.

Final Thoughts

Use the tips in this guide to help develop the communication skills that will help your kids to succeed in life.

Tamara Agnew