Immigrating to Canada With Your Family – A Guide

Immigrating to Canada With Your Family – A Guide

For most of us with families, considering to shift bases to Canada would only be possible if you get to move with them. Thankfully there are many Canadian immigration programs that allow you to move to Canada with your family and since the country has such a strong commitment to family reunification you can also apply to sponsor your spouse, children, parents if you already live in Canada.

Many of Canada’s immigration programs do allow applicants to bring their families with them however that is not the case for every program, so basically your common-law partner as well as the children who are up to the age of 21 are considered to be dependent and hence, can be bought to Canada with you. Permanent immigration programs like express entry and business immigration are the ones that allow families to migrate with the applicant. Then there are also some temporary visa programs which are for working and studying that might allow the applicant to bring their family but they’re decided on case to case basis – hence, it is best you talk to your immigration consultant in Ahmedabad about it.

Unfortunately, other relations like siblings, aunts, uncles, nephews, cousins ,etc. are not eligible under the stance of a family. However, there are quite a few immigration programs in Canada that actually take cognizance of the fact if you have relatives living in Canada and might award you extra points as an applicant. Thus, you will be able to help your family out in a way still. Parents and grandparents are eligible for sponsorship to Canada through the parents and grandparents sponsorship program. However, since there are limited number of spaces available – get in touch with the Canada Visa consultant in Ahmedabad who can guide you through the entire procedure.

Generally, Canada’s economic immigration applications for PR allow applicants to apply as a family and your Canada PR visa consultant Ahmedabad will help you in applying as a principal applicant for your family. You can then go on to sponsor your spouse or common-law partner as well as children. If your application is approved, then all your family members that have been mentioned on the application will become Canadian permanent citizens. Thus it is quite important that you get your application right and for that make sure that you get the best immigration consultant in Ahmedabad. A point of notice should be that many PR programs including the Federal skilled worker program which is quite popular with immigrants, require applicants to show that they are financially stable enough to support their settlement in Canada. This means that with every successive  family member the cost keeps on increasing. Hence, talk to your Canada Visa consultant in Ahmedabad and he can guide you in the best way possible on how to move forward and help you and your family settle down in Canada.

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