How to Make Online Kindergarten Classes Interactive?

How to Make Online Kindergarten Classes Interactive?

Are you looking for a new way of learning? If so, choosing online classes is the best way to bring creativity and keep the students stimulated. In fact, online teaching requires certain skill sets to keep the children more interactive. While a lot of potential distractions surround the home environment, keeping students motivated, engaged and interested in their lessons is the biggest challenge that online teachers face. The main benefit of online classes is that it is more exciting and gives new learning experiences to students. Luckily some techniques help you to increase student engagement. Let’s explore it right now.


Students will learn via a webcam, so be presentable and select the location that eliminates any distraction. If you look interested and engaged, students will get more interacted. Make sure that the videos you use are of good quality. When the visuals are clear, kids in the kindergarten classes will attract more and get engaged.


Change the tone of your voice and make them involved in new activities, and always encourage them. Practice your storytelling skills so that you can interact with the kids in the kindergarten classrooms. Your voice tone and the way of teaching will bring quicker attention. Ensure that you teach your online lessons with a reliable internet connection.

Use technology

Teaching online will be quite challenging, but you should have enough tools at your fingertips. Whether you use virtual games, drawing tools, text editors, file editors, screen-sharing tools, wherewith you can keep explaining clearly in a more interesting way with the variety of technology you can keep explaining. You would be confident when you liven up your lessons.

Set goals to make them stick to your schedule

One important thing is that you need to help online students to stay on track with their studies, where it makes sense to set goals and remind them of their progress. Setting goals will help to ensure that they learn with a clear outline. Make the class more effective by introducing fun learning activities.

Help them learn the concepts easily

Timing is important in online teaching; break up your online lessons where that’s a good idea to keep them at a fast pace. When you break up the concepts, kids can easily understand. If you want to stay practical, lengthy explanations will be hard enough to catch the concepts. Making the lesson planner and scheduling it will help kids to understand the concepts.

Make your students feel valued

The truth is, if the online teacher makes their students feel valued in the classroom without anyone’s interruption, they log on to the classroom.

Here are some suggestions that help your students to stay engaged

  • First, know your student’s name and use their name during the sessions and ensure they learn yours.
  • Follow up your previous day lessons
  • Find your students interest and incorporate them
  • Give regular feedback
  • Aim to be present, encouraging and positive

Be patient with your students

Patience is an important skill that makes you the best teacher. Keeping students stimulated and engaging is not an easy task. But, be patient. That brings all the difference in your students’ learning experience.

Summing it up

As an online teacher, excel in your skills by putting in a little effort and time and, with your creativity, help the students to get the best experience possible. So they would be excited to log into your classroom.

Tamara Agnew