How to deal with a teenager

How to deal with a teenager


The adolescence stage that all people go through is one of the most difficult stages in a person’s life. It is a stage that includes a number of physiological and psychological changes that affect the teenager’s interaction with his surroundings. The teenager suddenly finds himself as if the world has changed in the face, and his vision of the world around him changes, In him he becomes desires for the opposite sex, as he becomes somewhat aggressive, and his mentality is greatly shaped at this stage and his perceptions towards life and people become wider, and dealing with the teenager is a challenge for many parents, and many of them do not improve dealing with their teenage son and think he is still young. Orders and executed them as they please, and this concept is undoubtedly wrong and must change, and should focus on the following issues in dealing with the teenager.

How to deal with a teenager

Understand the requirements and developments of the stage

Realizing and understanding the changes that have taken place for the teenager, when the parents realize the physical and psychological changes that have taken place for their teenage son, which require them to change the method of education and change the methods they used to interact with the teenager with their teenage son, this makes an active contribution to the success of the education process.

Change of speaking language

Every age and stage has a style of communication, as a teenager does not address the same as a child, because the teenager sees himself as if he has become a responsible man, and therefore any communication with him without taking into account this aspect may detract from his personality and affect him in the future, just as the dialogue has an important role in this stage , Then the father or mother sits with their teenage son and talks to him in a way that makes him feel important and respectful.

Notice the teenager of responsibility

One of the things that makes an important contribution to shaping the adolescent’s mentality is that he holds part of the responsibility of the parents while observing this, so when the adolescent feels that he is responsible for a number of tasks, this makes him feel his importance in life, and therefore shares the responsibility with his parents with all love and conviction.

Good example

One of the greatest means in raising a teenager and dealing with him is for the parents to set an example for him, so be sure to show him the benefit of the works until he looks at them and emulates them in them, and this method is more informed in the soul than many of the methods that may reach the teenager wrongly, such as when parents get together when They advise their son in a way that makes him alienate from the advice and refrain from the work that is intended to guide him, and in general this stage needs a lot of wisdom and patience.


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