How to crystallize brilliant ideas    

   How to crystallize brilliant ideas      


Every month thousands of new applications appear in the market. However, according to the app store statistics, approximately 80% of them cannot reach the target audience due to high competency. The winning application is solving actual problems, bringing some new features for

the target audience, and appealing to the customers.

How to find a good idea for creating a new application

Hobbies and ideas from your life are your muses. Many people around you could face the same problems. Maybe you struggle with learning a foreign language and cannot reach significant progress with pronunciation. The key element for creating a good application is becoming an

expert in a specific area. In this case, you would know customers’ needs, weak

sides of competitors’ solutions, problems, and weak points to overcome.

Inventing new technologies and presenting fresh ideas for your market is another aspect of successful application. The next step is to invite professionals for the development of an app, and test it properly.

How to generate good ideas?

Grammarly is one of the most successful products. Producer of Grammarly had received invest of 110 million in 2017. They reached such significant results with the idea to help people communicate correctly. Memrise is a platform for learning languages. They use cards to help you memorize new words. It has 150 language courses and more than 20 million users. It was rewarded as the Best application in 2017. If you want to find valuable information pay attention to comments on the social webs of your competitors. Comments, feedback of users, forums are significant resources for you. It will give you more precise feedback on how to adjust the functions of applications.

Applying the idea to real life.

Once you have the brilliant idea, now it is time to realize. You must think about design, technical aspects, user behavior and simplicity.

How many people do you need to create the application? Firstly, you need a developer. The developer is responsible for functionality. Your application must work on android and ios.

 A business analyst collects requirements, does research, and understands competitors’ strategy, investigating the best practice.

If you want to create a valuable product you must analyze competitors during all processes.

Since you understand the strategy of your competitors’ strategy, you can divide them into simple elements and processes. And the goal here is not only to repeat your competitor’s success but summarize the ideas suitable for your application. 

The designer’s goal is to create the perfect look for your application. If you have a low budget, one developer would be enough.

As you have completed your application, now it is time to test. Testing allows checking that all tasks are completed and the app has no mistakes. During alfa testing, specialists take a new version and pass the main functions and users scenarios in laboratory conditions. During beta testing, real users provide their feedback about some UX issues, and other difficulties that might occur in real life.

Marketing plan.

The marketing plan is strategic information that demonstrates the value of your product defines target customers. It also allows you to indicate the success of your future application after placing it into the app store.

Here you will find some key elements of the marketing plan.

  1. Product. 

Firstly, focus on the demands and interests of your customers. Secondly, demonstrate ways for attracting new customers. Thirdly, define the selling criteria of your application: unique features, price-list, the number of functions.

  1. Advantages of your application. Describe all benefits of your applications, such as the number of functions, quality of design, simple navigation, quality of sound, possibility to synchronize with another application.
  2. Disadvantages of your application. Define drawbacks such as high cost for development, many competitors, lack experience of promotion, poor graphic design.
  3. Possibility. What factors could increase the success of your application: appropriate time, new market segment.
  4. Risks. Describe all possible risks for your application, such as new strong competitors.
  5. Promotion. A good promotion strategy would help you reach your target customers and win your competitors. Create web site where your potential customers would know more about your application. Don’t forget to use press releases, influencers, or even trusted websites. Additionally,

using social networks is a great way to face your target customers. Start the conversation on Facebook Twitter. Post your videos on youtube.

Try to use all possible advertising methods such as the Internet, Radio, magazines, TV, exhibitions.

How often are you going to use advertising? What date (season, addition)? 

Find out a list of exhibitions and forums.

  1. Market research. Market research would help you define your target audience, and competitors assess your success or failure. Such analyses would forecast your chance in real life. Demonstrate your ability to win your competitors and become the leader in the market. How are you going to

overcome potential problems? Demonstrate your ability to adapt to a new challenge. Find new ways to longitude your application.

  1. Demographics index. The demographics index allows defining people who would buy your application (adults, children, teenagers), their demands, and the best way to attract their attention. Also, it would help you to predict reactions in your advertising. Find out the main tendencies of the

market to keep your contact with customers and the best way to satisfy their needs. Social media would be the perfect instrument to stimulate the interest of young customers.

  1. Competitors. Please find out your main competitors, their applications, possibilities, price list, advantages and disadvantages, market share.


If you have born a brilliant idea and wish to make this a reality, go ahead and let the world know your thoughts. Next step is to get professional support from the IT experts

Kimberly Bernard