How to Build a Trendy and Effective CV?

How to Build a Trendy and Effective CV?

The way job seekers build their CV has become more or less complicated over the years. Currently, it is important to submit an original and compelling resume if you want the recruiter to read it. For this purpose, you have to follow some trends and pay special attention to the CV form and layout.

Favor a Neat CV Layout

If you are a trainee, a recent graduate or in vocational reorientation, you have to find a format that allows you to stand out. There are ways to structure a curriculum vitae when you do not have much professional experience or the required diploma. On the other hand, if you are a senior job applicant, you have to find a CV layout model that permits you to create a one-page resume. Take care of the detail: a fine border, a thoughtful structure, illustrations, good quality paper, etc. The layout should reflect your thoroughness, but also your determination to be part of the company. A successful and well-structured CV is the first evidence of your investment.

Put some Care in the Font Used in the CV

The font is like your signature. It testifies to your temperament, your rigor, your personality. The wide range of typographies offered by the best online CV creators allows you to adapt to the tone and energy that you want to emit through your CV. This means that it is wiser to use choose a CV template from a generator. Thus, you will be able to create a cv in 5 minutes and be sure to have a good result, with the perfect layout and the perfect font.

It is preferable not to choose more than 2 or 3 different typographies in order not to interfere with the reading of the recruiter. Thinking about the comfort of the person who will read you is a great advantage that you have over the other candidates. Also know how to recognize the right combinations of fonts to avoid bad harmonization.

Use Attractive but Simple Icons in your CV

Icons bring a modern and playful touch to the CV. They are more and more present in today’s resumes and you can add them to seduce headhunters. Icons catch the eye and break the monotony of reading, but it is important to use them wisely. For instance, you can use the logo of the companies you have worked for, or use an icon for the categories.

Clare Louise