Homework may cause a mental breakdown?

Homework may cause a mental breakdown?

One of the most grueling parts of being in school is having to do the homework. It is frustrating to come home from school and once again sit to complete the tasks that your teachers have assigned you. Although (because of the pandemic) it may have become easier to attend class, that part of school remains painfully burdensome for everyone.

You never know how much homework each teacher will give you. So much so that the entire day feels like school without actually being in the school. You have no option but to sit at your desk all day just working away in your notebooks and laptops.

To avoid being burdened by every subject, you search for homework solutions on the internet. Truthfully, the internet has made our lives so much simpler. An app is the best option to make searching for an answer easier. All your solutions, in one place under one roof.

You don’t even have to search far and wide or check every link for your answer because you can find it all in one app. Think of it as the mall where you can find all the items you need in one location. Who doesn’t love the mall that makes it so much easier to shop?

A homework app makes life and homework easier than you could imagine. You can do your homework in half that time and then comfortably lie on your bed and watch Netflix.

It can help you with your homework and even quiz you on it if you are up for it. It encourages you to try and cheers you on when you get an answer right. You can stay ahead of your homework without breaking a sweat because your app will help you with it.

The solution to all your problems, or at least your homework-related ones, will be on your phone. You can study in peace or watch whatever you want, in peace. The point of homework is for you to revise what you learned that day in school. You can refer to the homework solutions and study accordingly.

When your entire day is spent in front of the screen listening to online lectures, the mere thought of having to sit through it again is gut-wrenching. Nobody wishes to sit through class all day and later go back to it again only to solve problems and answer questions.

Researchers have noted drawbacks to homework. They include boredom and burnout toward academic material, less time for family and extracurricular activities, lack of sleep, and increased stress. Too much homework does that to you. But it is also a necessary evil because of the benefits that come with it.

With homework, you get to revise what you learned, which essentially helps you remember it. Remembering what you learned and recollecting it when you need to is the whole point of homework. But with our peace of mind shattered in this pandemic, it becomes too difficult to do it.

A little help, even with your homework and your mind, is a good thing. Trying to do everything yourself will cause you to have a mental breakdown, and it may be painful to recover from it.

Clare Louise