Guide for choosing the best CBSE school in Bangalore

Guide for choosing the best CBSE school in Bangalore

There are so many different education boards in India that not only students even parents get confused as to how one board is different from the other.State board, CBSE board, IB board, SSC board, and ICSE board are some of the education boards from which parents & students have to arrive at a logical decision.

Parents should not come under peer pressure when selecting the board as it is the question of their child’s life! Their future depends on the education that they pursue in the school as all the important future decisions will depend on this one decision!

CBSE board has a huge number of advantages over the State board or ICSE board as the educational material is more engaging for the students. If the child aims to give JEE exams to get into IIT or some other premier institute, CBSE should be the default selection. Choosing the right board is half the job done. The other half is choosing the best CBSE School that imparts the right kind of education for the well-being of your child.

If you are a Bangalore resident who is staying in Whitefield, you can leave the worries aside as EuroSchool is present in the area. Whitefield is a place in Bangalore where many technology companies are located and it will safe to assume that most of the folks staying in Whitefield will be well-versed with technology. EuroSchool in Whitefield is considered as one of the best schools in Bangalore. The curriculum is CBSE based and the best part is that the school focuses on the overall development of the child rather than solely focusing on the academic aspects.

The classrooms in EuroSchool are digitally-enabled with finger-touch based learning. This will sound like music to the ears for the techies living in Whitefield. EuroSchool focuses on Balanced Schooling which is one of the pillars of Pedagogy. There is a conducive learning environment with a major focus on ensuring that there is a holistic development of the child. The Pedagogical model imbibes an independent thinking mindset in the students which also makes them think in an entrepreneurial manner.

They used modern and advanced teaching methodologies so that the kids also indulge in engagement programs that imbibe creativity, lateral thinking, and reasoning in them. Bangalore (North) comprises of areas like Hebbal, Jakkur, Banaswadi, Peenya, Yeshwantpur, etc. Residents in that part of Bangalore can also now admit their kids to the best CBSE schools in Bangalore North as there is all-round development in that locality leading to surging demand for good CBSE schools in the area.

The best approach to choose the right school is by first opting for the right education board and then looking out for the best CBSE schools in & around that locality. Parents need to ensure that their child also agrees to their choice as it is the question of the child’s future.

Bangalore has been on the forefront as far as technology adoption is concerned and parents now have the option of selecting from the best schools in Bangalore to build their child’s future!

Kimberly Bernard