Fundamental of Entreneruship: Reviewing “Make the Move” by Rajat Khare and Ishan Gupta

Fundamental of Entreneruship: Reviewing “Make the Move” by Rajat Khare and Ishan Gupta

Everyone wants to be an entrepreneur today, but not many talk about the hardship that one has to go through while being one. The book Make the Move – Demystifying entrepreneurship co-authored by Rajat Khare and Ishan Gupta is all about entrepreneurship and the things inclusive to it.

There are a significant number of books written on entrepreneurship. Successful business persons have shared their experiences wholeheartedly about how they achieved their goal and what not. What makes Make the Move stand apart from the others is that it includes insights of twenty successful entrepreneurs.

First few pages of Part one explains how ‘entrepreneurship’ is just like all other beautiful words inclusive of ‘ship’ such as partnership, friendship or companionship. It’s impressive to see how Rajat Khare connects ‘ship’ that make these terms so unique. He associates entrepreneurship with the ships on voyages. He asserts that if the team sticks together and works hard, the ship successfully reaches its destination.

Interestingly, the book also talks about how to rightly ‘make the move’ towards success. It tells a lot about the way to manage yourself during the initial phase of your entrepreneurship. It also coversthe aspects such as finances, human resource management, brand management, development and a lot more.

The book is written in such a form that anybody who wants to learn ‘A to Z’ of entrepreneurship can read it easily. The beautiful part is that the whole book is based on empirical experiences and not the theory as many writers otherwise choose. If you have that spark of starting your own venture and want to know all about not only how to start it but also how to take it to the end, everything is covered in the book.


Clare Louise