Exercise Tips for Busy University Students

Exercise Tips for Busy University Students

In the hustle of campus life, it can be difficult for students to make time for a healthy lifestyle.  As a necessary component of health, exercise can be especially daunting for students. Frequently sleep-deprived, and constantly on the go, students often feel they have little energy left to put into a workout.  And the hectic schedule can make carving out some time to go to the gym, or get in a run quite challenging. Pile on social responsibilities and errands, and you can easily see why students often shift exercise into a secondary priority.

Students need to understand, however, that just like sleeping and eating, exercise is essential to basic health.  It directly impacts heart health, blood pressure, cholesterol, and weight; and it also elevates mood, self-esteem, and focus.  Put simply, the fit student is at a decided intellectual advantage over his sedentary peer.

For this reason, Unemployed Professors has assembled the following tips to help you achieve and maintain regular exercise as part of your daily schedule:

  • Exercise First!  As mentioned, exercise is often put on the backburner, with the intention to ‘get to it later.’  Most students who are successful in implementing and maintaining exercise as part of their routine do it in the morning.  Not only will this allow you to ingrain a good habit, but it will pick you up and increase energy levels for the rest of the day!
  • Intramurals / Exercise Classes:  Make exercise fun and become accountable by joining an intramural team, or by attending group classes.  If you love to play basketball, and enjoy team camaraderie, then joining an intramural team is a great way to get your exercise in.  You’ll be having such a good time, you won’t even consider it a workout. Similarly, by attending a regular spin or yoga class, you’ll be accountable to your peers, and develop a sense of fellowship, all while working out!
  • Get a fitness buddy: Often, starting out in fitness, and establishing a regular exercise routine, can be intimidating.  However, if you recruit a friend to begin this journey with you, the sense of kinship and ‘doing it together’ can help maintain the regularity needed to see benefits.
  • Move!  Our society is one that caters to sloth and sedentarism.  There are many ways to get in more exercise that doesn’t involve playing sports, working out, or attending classes: park further than normal from destinations, take the stairs, stretch and do bodyweight exercises during commercials, and walk or bike to work and school.
  • Join a Club:  Larger universities will have students and clubs devoted to a multitude of interests, including fitness, health, and athletics.  Associating with those of similar interest can help fire the drive to exercise. Explore a club devoted to a type of exercise you always wanted to explore, like rock climbing, mountain biking, or underwater hockey.

While university can be extremely busy and involve many different demands on your time, you can, with a little ingenuity and determination, find ways to maintain your physical fitness – an underprized asset to your mental well-being and intellectual performance.

With that in mind, ask the team of academic professionals at UnemployedProfessors.com any questions you may have regarding their college writing services and they will be more than happy to guide you along the arduous path!


Kimberly Bernard