Everything you need to know about English Myths

Everything you need to know about English Myths

Today, it is not that easy to get everything. Suppose, if you want a job, it is not easy because you need to fulfill certain pre-requisites. If you want to get admission into a college, you need to fulfill certain pre-requisites. Among all the major requisitions, one of the most common is the English Language. It is considered as the most common language because it can be understood over several continents.

Today, every industry wants to integrate with the global economy. This is the only reason why non-English speaking countries are also preferring this language so that they can easily integrate with the global economy. You can also find thousands of English language training centers which offer the training for being the best in this language. In most of the entrance examinations, English has got a special place and the students are judged based on this language only.

Today, everybody knows that English is an important language and nobody hesitates in writing good English skills in their resume but the reality is different in most cases. Sometimes, the senior managers of the top organizations are unable to write a simple business cover letter. Does it mean that English is a really tough language and it is impossible to master it? No, it is just a myth and let’s break these myths with the myth buster.

  • There are several trainers tutoring islets (ติว IELTS, Which is the term in Thai) claim to train you in 30 days only. Remember, it is just their way to increase the number of customers. But it not true because English is an ongoing process and it is not possible to achieve perfection in just 30 days. To reach perfection, it can also take several years.
  • Some people say, learn 5000 English words and rote them by your throat. But it is of no use even if you have learned the 5000 English words. The reason being, if you do not know how to place them correctly, they are of no use.
  • No matter whether you are choosing an SAT tutor (ติว sat, term in Thai) or islets tutor, try to choose the professional one. It is not worth to choose an unprofessional because they can’t offer you the best.
  • Daily speaking English helps you to improve your basic skills. Although it is a good idea if you do not know the fundamentals then you will keep on repeating the same mistake. So, avoid it.

Tamara Agnew