Best Facts on Cheese being the Most Stolen Product

Best Facts on Cheese being the Most Stolen Product

According to a global study, cheese is the most stolen food in stores around the world.The UK Retail Research Center surveyed 1,187 retailers, representing more than 250,000 points of sale in 43 countries.According to the report, titled “Looking at the Outlook to Reduce Losses,” 4 percent of the cheese on display at convenience stores is stolen by thieves.

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  • Only shaving products and some clothing accessories are above this food in the robbery index. Underneath the dairy are underwear, meat and perfumes.
  • The analysis shows that in the UK alone nearly £ 5m has been lost in the past year to food thefts in markets.
  • The daily percentage of dairy losses in that country is 3.9 percent, more than three times the world average, which is 1.29 percent.
  • Other foods that are on the most stolen list are fresh meats, chocolate, alcoholic beverages, seafood, and infant milk formulas.

The British Retail Research Center has just released the 2011 World Theft Barometer, a study based on a survey of 1,187 food merchants, representing more than 250,000 points of sale in 43 developing countries.On that list, cheese appears as the most stolen retail food on the planet, topping the “high-risk food” ranking ahead of products traditionally considered more “mangable”, such as chocolate or alcohol.

  • In difficult times, shoplifting does not stop increasing. Compared to the previous year (2009-10) , theft worldwide has increased by 6.6% , which has meant that global merchants have estimated losses of € 86 billion.
  • Over the past six months there has been a rebound in theft losses, as merchants have been particularly hard hit by an avalanche of bad news, where an economic slowdown and government cuts have been joined by an increase in prices of many products.
  • The survey shows that about 4% of the cheese on display and shelves disappears in the pocket of someone who doesn’t pay for it . The increase in the price of this product (in Spain it rose between 10% and 30% only in the last year due to the increase in milk prices) has caused it to be seen as “a lucrative business opportunity for small-time criminals”.

Many of these robberies are intended for resale in other stores or restaurants, as well as to individuals on the streets. The list of food items that follow cheese as the most stolen is continued by fresh (or cured) meat, chocolate, alcohol, seafood, baby food, and spices. You can have the most interesting facts like these all the more.


India tops the ranking of countries in which thefts represent a greater decrease in the percentage of total sales (2.38%), while Spain remains in a comfortable position in the middle of the table (1.40%), above civilized Sweden and precisely below Greece, the country that in ancient times considered cheese as a gift from the gods ; a food that now seems to have become a gift to the rest of the mortals.

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