Apply And Enroll Now In One Of The Best Schools Of Bicol – UST-Legazpi

Apply And Enroll Now In One Of The Best Schools Of Bicol – UST-Legazpi

Choosing the best school is a challenge for every student. For some, it’s a choice between your dream and practicality. With the daily expenses of the university and schooling, considering matriculation fees is one significant factor. But don’t worry, there are still educational institutions that offer reasonable tuitions, or even scholarships, and with a high level of quality teaching. One perfect example is the University of Santo Tomas in Legazpi, Albay.

As the first Dominican school in the Bicol region, it has pioneered several academic programs and achieves countless awards. The academic excellence is well-maintained, or surpassed even, by its produced graduates, students, and a high-caliber pool of faculty and staff. UST-Legazpi is ingreat pride and honor that Thomasians are developed in a holistic sense – both in mind and spirit – to become better and productive leaders of tomorrow.

If you are currently thinking about where to go for your high school, college, or further studies, UST-Legazpi is the place to be. There is a wide array of academic services provided for you to choose freely. All facilities are improved to deliver efficient services to students at all times.


As a renowned university, not only in Bicol but as well as in the entire country, UST-Legazpi has grown over the past years in training young professionals at their best versions. It is likewise one of the best schools for business management Bicol with its course programs.

And for you to have more details, here are the general ideas to know upon enrolling in UST-Legazpi.

Accessible Location

UST-Legazpi is found in Rawis, Legazpi City, which is one of the busiest roads or places in the locale. All other locations are accessible, such as malls, bus center, airport, and so on, which allows students to travel in no time effortlessly. Nonetheless, the university provides complete services and school-related materials to avoid students from leaving the campuses. In this effect, security is one of the utmost priorities of the institution to ensure every student is safe within the premises.

World-Class School Facilities

One great thing about UST-Legazpi is that it has complete amenities and other facilities for students. These are helpful for academic discussions beyond the four walls of a classroom. Additionally, the institution seeks for its due maintenance for cleanliness and orderliness.

Provides Scholarships And Tuition Fee Discounts

Another reason why UST-Legazpi is the best school in Bicol is that it helps students, especially those who are financially struggling, to acquire quality teaching in a lower tuition fee. The university is well-aware that not all students are capable of paying, which prompted the granting of scholarships and discounts.

Technologically Advanced

UST-Legazpi is well-adept of the modern needs of students. It provides necessary devices in aid of learning for a more effective teaching process. Like in the College of Engineering Bicol, the institution sought for various advanced learning materials for a comprehensive study of the engineering students.


Final Word

These are only several of the many services offered by UST-Legazpi. As a Dominican school, it seeks to uphold Christian teachings in pursuit of academic success for every student. The university is abreast of the educational transformations, needs, and progress to provide quality teaching continuously.

Kate Lee