A Basic Way Of Solving An Algebraic Equation

 A Basic Way Of Solving An Algebraic Equation

Every topic in mathematics counts, but there are some topics that a student just can’t do without because they hold a strategic position in other topics as knowledge advances. One of these topics is solving algebraic equations. As a student, understanding this topic alone improve my performance in other maths topics. 

Having seen the importance of this topic, I have decided to help other students master It as well so that they can become better students in maths in general and perform excellent well when it comes to solving complex mathematical problems as they proceed with their maths education. 

But before I proceed into explaining all that a student needs to know about solving algebraic equations, I will like to briefly explain what this equation is all about as well as its aims and objectives. This will further increase your understanding of how it is been solved.

What is an algebraic equation? 

This is an equation with two completely different algebraic expressions. These two expressions are combined to form an equation before they can be solved. The primary objective of solving an algebraic equation is to find the value of the unknown in the equation which is usually represented by an alphabet. 

A good example of an algebraic equation is (5t + 7 = -23 + 2t) This equation clearly shows the unknown value(t)  that we are to solve for. If solved the right way, any student can find out the value of this unknown with just the simple and basic steps on how to solve an algebraic equation that is about to be shared below. 

How to solve an algebraic equation

Just like every other maths topic, we follow steps when solving problems. Here, the first step is to gather the variables in the equation. This step can also be referred to collecting of like terms step. From the equation given to use above which is (5t + 7 = -23 + 2t), what we do is add -2t” to both sides of the equation. This will give a completely new equation which is (5t + 7 – 2t = -23 + 2t – 2t). By simply simplifying the equation, the equation takes a new form, giving us 3t + 7 = -23

Now that we have been able to eliminate one of the unknown value “t”, the next line action is to group free members. This step is quite similar to the first, but it differs from being that an actual number(7) is added to both sides of the equation. 

From what we have left of our algebraic equation (3t + 7 = -23), we will be eliminating 7 from the equation by adding “-7” to both sides of the equation. If solved as stated, the equation will become (3t + 7 – 7 = -23 – 7). After simplification, we will be left with 3t = -30. 

The final step is to divide both sides of the current equation which is 3t = -30 by “3”. If solved the right way, the value of “t” becomes (-10) “t=-10”

From this quick explanation, you should be convinced that solving an algebraic equation is quite simple. More so,  solving algebraic equations are a big part of the math sections of the SHSAT. You can prepare for the SHSAT at Caddell Prep if you need for assistance.


Kate Lee