7 Things To Remember Before Attending A School Tour

7 Things To Remember Before Attending A School Tour

Students need to be aware of the environment they will be in before their parents enrol them in the learning institution. They can research the school and know their background and services. They will also understand why many students are happy studying there, like the ones seen in the pictures. And if you are planning on transferring to another school, attending school tours can help you know more. You will meet new people that could be your friends.

But before enrolling, ensure that they have the proper steps to accept a student. One example is the IGCSE in Singapore or the International General Certificate of Secondary Education.


Attending a school tour is one way to learn about the institution. Aside from their offers, you can also check their facilities and meet new people. Enrolling in an international school can be costly, so you must guarantee that your tuition fee is worth it. Many offer school tours, and you should not miss attending them to help you choose where you will enrol. If it is your first time doing one, here are some tips that could help you:



Before your school tour, prepare your questions about the school. It can help you learn more about them and their services. Asking questions is also a way to start a healthy conversation with the guide assigned to your tour. Do not hesitate about the things that are bugging your mind because it can make you decide if they are the institution you want to be with or not. If you do not know how to start the conversation, the following are sample questions you may ask:

  • When did the school start to operate?
  • Do you have renowned alumni, and who are they?
  • What are the subjects you teach per year or programme?
  • Do you have extracurricular activities for students, and what are those?
  • If I study here, will I still have time for my family and friends?
  • When do we need to go to school?
  • What are your grade requirements, and any tips on how we could achieve them?

These questions are some of what you can ask your tour guide to know more about the school. If you have other concerns, you can also tell them and see how they would answer. Ask if they are part of the Central Board of Secondary Education and if they also release the CBSE international result.


By attending school tours, you will know students your age and be friends with them. It is valid if you are shy at first because they are new to your life. But do not worry because you can create connections with the right people once you already spend time with them. You may start by talking to them and asking questions. You may also say your greetings and be confident to show who you are and what you can do. If you want to make friends and keep that relationship for years, remember to be true to yourself and others.


Aside from socialising and creating connections with people you will meet, do not forget about your health. If you attend a school tour, bring water and keep yourself hydrated. If you do not want to carry something heavy in your hands, bring a bag and put it there. Water is necessary because you might get tired of roaming around. You can also guarantee that the water you drink is safe. If you feel tired walking with the tour guide and other students, drink water anytime and feel refreshed.



Aside from bringing water, you need to eat before the activity. Ensure that you have fruits and vegetables on your plate because those can help you gain energy. But aside from the food, getting enough sleep is also necessary. Those are what you need to have the power to attend and ensure that you are healthy the entire day. Doing this tip makes you more active during the tour.


Since it will be your first time in the school, you must be near them to avoid getting lost. Attending a school tour is fun, but remember to obey the rules the guide will give before you go inside. If they tell you not to go far, follow them because you can also avoid accidents. But if the guide will let you roam around, ensure that you are with someone.


Once you are inside the school, compare the pictures and the reality. If there are things inside the learning institution that you noticed on their website, you can point them out and compare them. It will also help you be aware of them and if they are correct and honest with the claims they put on the page. If not, consider looking for a new school where your tuition fee is worth it.


Do not forget the schedule of your school tour because it will be your guide to know what time you need to wake up and prepare. You can avoid being late and ensure to maximise the time you will stay there. You might miss many things if you do not arrive on time, like the necessary parts of the visit. You may also catch the attention of other attendees if you arrive late.

Remember these tips before attending school tours because these can make the experience more fun and exciting. Do not let it get ruined to make every moment a treasure. If you decide to enrol in that learning institution, you can look back on that memory, and all you will remember are happy moments. If you want to learn more about international schools and the IB diploma in Singapore, visit the website of NPS International School.

Arcelia Fitch