11 Effective Ways Parents Can Develop The Virtue Of Charity In Kids

11 Effective Ways Parents Can Develop The Virtue Of Charity In Kids

Parents who enroll their children at the best Christian schools in California want their kids to learn all the best Christian virtues. One of those virtues that should be taught and instilled in children from a young age is charity. As parents and teachers, it is our job to teach our children strong values. Here are a few creative ways to help children develop a sense of kindness and empathy that are associated with charity.

1 – Sharing Is Caring

Values start at home and with each other. Teach your kids to share what they have with the people they love first so that they see sharing as a positive act, not as a punishment.

2 – Donating Toys

It may be hard for some kids to let go of their toys, but practicing this act from a young age instills the importance of donating to the less fortunate. Make it a tradition so that your kids can see that their old toys will make other kids happy.

3 – Donating Clothes

Another simple yet effective way to teach kids charity is to encourage them to choose clothes they want to give away. A gesture of giving to those in need is something that can impact a child forever.

4 – Helping Neighbors In Need

Sometimes neighbors who are down on their luck need a boost. Let your children help out by encouraging them to offer to do chores or even just spend time as a family with neighbors who feel lonely.

5 – Assisting The Elderly

Although it might seem like a cliche, teaching kids to assist the elderly is a great way to foster empathy and care from a young age.

6 – Parents Donating Blood

While it might seem scary for kids to see their parents donate blood, it can be an eye-opening experience. Simply explain the value of your donation and let them know how much it can help a person so that they understand the importance of donating.

7 – Kindness Toward Animals

Visit the local animal shelter with the kids and bring a few bags of pet food. Let your kids give the donation themselves so that the staff can thank them for their kindness. If there’s time, let them play with the animals in the shelter so that they can see who’s benefiting from their donation.

8 – Building Food Baskets

During the holidays, bring your kids to select canned goods and other food items and make them into food baskets. Getting them involved in the process and explaining to them how some families aren’t as blessed as yours will help them realize that a helping hand goes a long way.

9 – A Charity Jar

Just like a donation box at the local Church, having a charity jar at home is a great way to encourage kids to share their blessings. Every small amount from the kids themselves can make a difference once donated.

10 – Volunteer As A Family

Christian schools in California are always looking for families to help out at the church. Sign your kids up to help with simple chores such as lawn mowing so they feel like they are contributing to the community.

11 – A Visit To The Nursing Home

Let the kids interact with the elderly at the local nursing home. Although it might feel like visiting grandma and grandpa, the joy the kids bring will help build their sense of compassion for others.

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Kate Lee